"To say that I am impressed by the quality of work by John Cavallone would be an understatement. I find John’s research rigorous and thorough—his record keeping of documents and notes meticulous! His work is truly professional—and he is highly knowledgeable in the field of genealogy! He is able to sift through documents in ways I cannot. John took on the project of researching my family tree as eagerly as if it were his own. He was able to accomplish in a short time what I could not do after several years of interviewing family members about our family tree. I know more about my family now than I ever imagined possible!" -Anna Weiss 27 Sep 2021

"Looking for a genealogist? Look no further than John Cavallone. Prior to meeting John, I worked with three other professional genealogists on the other three branches of my tree. There is no comparison. I have been working on my family tree for at least thirty years. (I have been an active member of ancestry since 2001.) In record breaking time, John broke through what I believed were impermeable brick walls using not just historical records but other sophisticated methods including DNA. The cost was reasonable and well worth it!" - Deborah Terzian 27 Aug 2021

"As a ghostwriter specializing in family histories, I often need genealogical background to add colour to clients' recollections. A recent engagement was for a family from Sassano, Italy and while researching the town, I found John's website. I cannot stress what a wealth of information he provided, unearthing documented evidence that not only verified family lore but revealed fascinating information that the clients never knew! His expertise made my job so much easier. He is a pleasant and engaging individual who clearly is passionate about his work. I heartily recommend him." - Nell Whiting 25 Feb 2021

"John is a dedicated genealogist and has helped me make discoveries about my Italian ancestry that would have taken me years to find on my own (if at all!). I'm so grateful for John's work and highly recommend him." - Jennifer A. Walz

"I connected with John through a website after I found out he was a genealogist as a side profession. After meeting with him and explaining my situation John was stellar in getting me answers and providing crucial information in my quest. He is smart, caring, amicable and professional. A true find if anybody needs help in this area." - Ron Monocchio

"Thank you, John! You are worth your weight in gold for helping me overcome my genealogy roadblocks when trying to build my Sassano, Italy lineage. While I was able to infer relationships and lineage through sites like Ancestry, I didn't have hard proof or documentation. Thanks to your research guidance and document work in Italy, I've now traced my lineage to the 1600s. Your dedication to accurate document management and helping others like me doesn't go unnoticed. I appreciate your effort - so will my family many generations from now!" - Lisa, a Sassano Cavallone descendant

"When I finally decided to look into my Italian ancestry, I had no idea that I would stumble upon the most generous and knowledgeable individuals who had amassed decades of research on Sassano. One of these people was John. He immediately stepped in with his research and trees and very quickly determined that he and my dad were distant cousins, making us related! His passion and commitment into this project is infectious and I’ve been inspired to travel to Sassano to see the birth place of my ancestors for myself. I’d recommend John to anybody interested in finding their Sassano family roots and family members who are alive today. You’ll be happy you did!" - Linda DiBella

"I met John while researching my great grandfather. I had tried to find a match for him on Antenati,, and Family Search for well over a year, but always hit a dead end. I noticed a potential match in John's Sassano family tree and reached out to see if he had additional information. John responded right away, and was kind enough to share his research on Sassano with me. He took an interest in helping me, and built out the pedigree of my potential ancestor, several of my DNA matches in Sassano, and myself. Within days, John solidified my confidence that I had finally found the correct match for my great grandfather. I feel fortunate to have met someone not only knowledgeable on Sassano, but someone eager to help me solve many mysteries about my ancestor!" - Corrine d'Allesantro

"This book [From Sassano to 48th & Federal Street] is a work of love and passion, a tribute to those who have come before their trials and tribulations. The author and researcher John Cavallone has done an excellent job of documenting the migration of a portion of the Italian diaspora, this from the magical little village of Sassano, Salerno, Campania, Italy. Sassano is nestled in the Apennine Mountains a two hour drive on the historic Appian Way, now a highway south of Naples. Cavallone traces the journey and assimilation of these desperate, brave and gutsy migrants to the streets of Chicago, Illinois their new home where they not only survived but thrived.

If you are a lover of Italian history, American history, or if you have an interest or passion for genealogy, have ancestors who were part of the Italian diaspora or if you would like a template for how to go about researching your ancestors journey to America and their ingestion into the American way of life this book would be valuable to you. Cavallone documents the details of this transition including US Census Records, Sassanese and American birth, death and matrimonial records and reports the history of multiple families including in many instances up to 7 generations.

This book was especially poignant to me as my family also immigrated to the US from Sassano with many of the same surnames. They too were forced by economic and political reasons from their beloved homeland however my family settled in Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey. While reading this genealogy this quote kept running through my mind,

“I am bound to them, though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices. I honor their history. I cherish their lives. I will tell their story. I will remember them.” Cavallone has done that and much more. Bravo John Cavallone and thank you for all you have done with the master Peter Barbella and Pat Cirullo on documenting Sassanese history!" - Joni Fernino LaPalomento