The Sassano Project - Peter Barbella's genealogy database index and historical content.  San Giovanni Evangelista baptism, marriage and death indexes from 1644-1910. Sassano Civil Records of births, marriages and deaths from 1809-1910.

Monte San Giacomo Project - Similar to the Sassano Project, the residents of this neighboring town often married Sassaensi and lived in either Sassano or Monte San Giacomo to raise their family.  You will definitely want to check out Jason Beals' site if the family you are researching suddenly "disappears" or you wonder where their spouse is from.  The most common surnames found here are: Amato, d'Amato, di Amato, Calabrese, Caporrino, Chirichella, Lisa, de Lisa, di Lisa, Monaco, Pantoliano, Romano, Spina,  and Totaro. 

Valle di Diano - Peter Barbella's documentation of the ancestors of Sassano and surrounding towns.  A continual work in progress of a Sassano Family Tree (currently at 14,000+ individuals!)

Sassano - Chicago Pedigree Tree - My online tree of 18,800+ individuals provided through RootsMagic, an alternative to requesting access to my ancestry tree if you want direct access.  Use in conjunction with Peter Barbella's Valle di Diano data  noted above to trace your ancestry.

Ancestry Tree - An invitation to my family tree which includes more than 18,800 Sassano ancestors beyond my direct family.  If you have Sassano roots, there is an extremely high probability that we are related!  A continual work in progress. Just shoot me an email (cavallonegenealogy[at] requesting access and I will get you a link. 

Italian Parish Records - Susie Greco's project to preserve the church records of the numerous parishes throughout Italy.

Santa Maria Incoronata Church Records - (Free registration to is required to view these records) Located at 218 W. Alexander Street (roughly at Wentworth and 23rd St) in Chicago.  This Riciglianesi parish was adopted by the sassanesi living three and a half miles south of the church.  Baptisms, Confirmations and Marriages from 1899-1915 are found here.

Federal Street in Chicago Plot Map - This website overall is pretty interesting, especially for areas like 4500-5100 S. Federal Street that no longer exist as they did in the early 1900s. The link provided is the plot map with original legal descriptions.   If you are more curious and want to really take an adventure here is the home page of the City of Chicago Interactive Mapping Website. - Kim does amazing work! I hired her to obtain Torrens Book pages from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds on many of the Federal Street properties referenced in my Sassano Research.  Since the PINs are no longer known because the Chicago Housing Authority bought all of the houses, combined the PINs and built the Robert Taylor Homes I needed an expert with experience to obtain the records.  (If you are interested in what I have obtained shoot me an email -

Find-A-Grave - Sassano Virtual Cemetery - As I locate the final resting places of Chicago Sassanesi I document their location in find a grave and have created a virtual cemetery.  A continual work in progress.   Current Grave Memorials = 157

From Sassano to 48th & Federal Street: An Italian Migration to America at the Turn of the 20th Century

Reconstructing Italians in Chicago - 10th Anniversary 2021 Edition - Publisher Casa Italia has included a selection "From Sassano to Armour Ave" by John Cavallone providing insight to the Sassanesi population in Chicago.

Social Conditions Among the Negroes on Federal Street Between Forty-Fifth Street and Fifty-Third Street by Alice Quan Rood (1924) - Though this dissertation focuses on the African Americans, the Italians, more specifically the Sassanesi, lived on this same section of Federal Street at this exact time.  Ms. Rood even mentions the Italians several times in her writing.  This is an eye opener to understand what our ancestors and the African American community lived through, in detail, in this neighborhood.

1800 Kilometers In A FIAT 500 - The Sassano Project's founder, Peter Barbella and his wife Gayann document their 2014 genealogy quest in Italy.  A definite worthwhile read that will leave you laughing out loud multiple times!

Anthony J Setaro of Red Bank, New Jersey has documented his Sassano family story on his website:

Dan Calandriello of Red Bank, New Jersey contributes to the Sassano Story through his website:

 PDF of SASSANO Individuals - As of May 26, 2021 - 14,294 Individuals either born, married or died in Sassano.  An alphabetical listing of all I have entered into my online tree as of this date. The list includes birth, parents, marriage dates and a spouse (for reasons beyond my control the report only lists one of the spouses if the individual married more than once).  This report is searchable.  I recommend using it in conjunction with the indexed spreadsheets found at the Sassano Project specifically with regard to multiple weddings.  This list will be updated more than my RootsMagic Online Tree , which was updated on September 14, 2023 and has over 20,000 individuals including deceased descendants in the states.

Brooklyn New York - For those researchers with Brooklyn ties I have found 1900 Census records for the community that has many Sassanesi.  You will need an Ancestry subscription to access, but it contains a wealth of knowledge. 

This has also been beneficial to help locate enumeration districts:

New York City Archives Database - The New York City Municipal Archives is undertaking a mass digitization project to provide online access to 13.3 million historical birth, death, and marriage records.

General Chicago Genealogy Research Resources

Daniel Niemiec's Searching the Chicago Catholic Parish Database in One Step