After Federal Street

During the 1940s and after the City of Chicago uprooted the Sassanesi and African American families from the Federal Street Enclave through the disastrous public housing project, the Robert Taylor Homes, and the Dan Ryan Expressway, the migration moved due west and southwest. 

Vito Abbruzzese and Carmela Petrizzo 4016 W 105th Pl, Oak Lawn, IL

Catherine Libretti Camerano 5030 S. Western Ave, Chicago

Frank Cavallone 837 W 51st St, Chicago

Joseph Cavallone (1982) 5120 S Whipple, Chicago

Joseph Cavallone (1961) 8726 S May St, Chicago

Joseph Cavallone (1962) 8343 S. Marshfield, Chicago

Michele Cavallone 6218 S Kedvale Ave, Chicago

Frank d’Amato 8251 S Ada St, Chicago

Domenick De Bella 5534 Spaulding, Chicago

Michael De Bella 924 W 54th Pl, Chicago

Rosario di Miele 4411 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago

Daniel Libretti & Antonette Petrizzo 8047 S. Maplewood Ave, Chicago

Joseph Libretti (1957) 6017 S Winchester, Chicago

John Libretti & Mary di Lisa 6232 S California Ave, Chicago

Michael Luzzi (1954) 5418 S May St, Chicago

Vincenzo Luzzi (1959) 5407 S May Street, Chicago

Chiara Ricciardone di Brizzi 6505 S. Washtenaw Ave, Chicago

Philomena Stavola 6242 S Mulligan, Chicago

Thomas Trotta 8559 S Kolmar, Chicago